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Music has always been an integral part of Lycoming College — even more so when it became a four-year institution in the late 1940s — and Charles 'Dick' Robinson '51 could certainly be considered one of the Lycoming music program's "charter members."

A Williamsport native, Dick was grateful for the GI Bill that helped make his Lycoming College education possible. Even as a young student, music was an important part of his life. He was able to advance his musical talents through participation in the newly formed band (1950) as a clarinet player. He recalls being selected to play in the Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Band — an instrumental group made up of the best college musicians in the state.

One of his fondest memories is of his solo performance in Clarke Chapel accompanied by Mary Landon Russell on piano. The duo performed the first movement of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto and Claude Debussy's First Rhapsody for Clarinet. It was a very proud moment for the young performer.

Lycoming opened many doors in Dick's life. Seeing the "big picture" helped him build a long and rewarding career with Huffy Bicycle in Ohio, where he and his wife, Barbara, are now enjoying retirement.

Dick is pleased that the College has, for more than 60 years after his tenure, continued an emphasis on music — impacting the lives of hundreds of musicians and music enthusiasts. He wants to ensure that the legacy of his music mentors — Mary Russell, Walter McIver and James Sheaffer — thrives for future students. He and Barbara decided that a charitable gift annuity would help support that legacy, and their very generous gift enables them to enjoy income during his lifetime, and then supports the Lycoming band program. Mary Russell, Walter McIver and James Sheaffer would be honored by Dick's tribute to their influence on so many lives. Lycoming College and future musicians are grateful, too.

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