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The Value of a Good Education

Charlotte Snook knows firsthand the value of a good education. During WWII, she had an opportunity not often afforded to the women of those days — she attended college, Trenton State College. Charlotte's career choices at the time seemed limited; she became a teacher. In her 32 years as an educator impacting the lives of countless children, though, she never regretted the decision.

When it came to sending her own child, Carol, to school, she chose a private school in Burlington, N.J., St. Mary's Doane Academy. Carol flourished there, and it was the principal of the Academy that recommended Carol consider Lycoming College to further her education. Charlotte and her daughter traveled by bus to see the College and Carol fell in love with both the school and the area.

Carol majored in psychology but, following in her mother's footsteps, also obtained her teaching certification. Upon graduating in 1975, she taught first grade while earning a graduate degree to become a successful reading teacher consultant. During this time, Carol stayed in close touch with her classmates. She even chaired the committee for her 20th reunion.

Carol's exceptional experience at Lycoming influenced her brother, Ray, to attend as well. A 1980 business graduated, he too appreciated the campus and the experience, and although he did not pursue a teaching career like his sister and mother, he found a first-rate education.

Carol became ill and passed away in 2002. Her mother and brother, knowing how much she loved Lycoming, wanted to give back. Charlotte, then 81, wanted to be able to give a substantial gift in order to establish a scholarship for Carol. Since Charlotte also wanted to be sure that she was never dependent upon anyone financially, she decided to create a gift annuity with the College. As a result, she receives income for life, but the remainder goes to the College upon her passing. Charlotte, still doing quite well at 91, says she wishes she could give more, but is pleased that this type of gift gave her the opportunity to continue the College's and her daughter's legacy of a top-notch education.

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