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Planning for the future

Dr. Kristie (Margevich) '96 and Peter Ressler '94 understand the importance of future planning. The couple met on campus and credit Lycoming for giving them a solid foundation upon which to build their futures.

As a financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors LLC in Radnor, Pa., Peter knows the value of planning for the future. That's why he and Kristie have made plans to ensure that Lycoming College is in their will.

"It came down to us looking at a variety of charities, and our closeness to Lycoming, where we met, made us want to give back," Peter said. "The betterment we had in our careers can be attributed to Lycoming."

Kristie was a practicing surgeon but is now working with a company that allows her more flexibility to be home for their two young sons, ages 5 and 2.

Peter and Kristie believe it is important to give back to their community, nonprofits and especially the educational institution where they both met.

"Her roommate was the sister of my roommate," he said. "We weren't in the same classes, but we were in the fraternity and sorority circuit."

Although Peter earned a bachelor's degree in political science, he credits Dr. Mel Zimmerman's biology class for instilling a love of conservation. As such, Peter now serves on several nonprofit boards, including the Audubon Society and other conservation-based charities. He also is a member of the Rotary Club in Harrisburg.

Peter and Kristie, who earned a bachelor's degree in biology, hope that their gift will benefit students in the biology and pre-medicine major or those who are interested in supporting environmental causes.

"We had great professors and great classes," Peter said. "What's the purpose of waiting? I do this day in and day out for my clients. It's not a matter of when from my standpoint."

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