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Lycoming has been instrumental in the lives of Lynn (Salmons) Bower ’70 and Gary Bower ’70.

Lynn chose Lycoming because she knew she wanted a small liberal arts college a few hours from home, but Gary did not plan on attending Lycoming College. His family did not have the financial resources to send him to Lycoming. However, Gary’s love of golf led him to connect with Frank Kamus, the director of admissions at the time, and an avid golfer. It was through Frank’s encouragement and support that Gary was able to get the resources he needed to attend Lycoming.

“We met in Dr. Mobberly’s biology course, the only course we ever took together.” Lynn said. “That’s when the sparks began to fly.”

Gary was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and played on the golf team. Lynn was involved in several activities with her dorm, including serving as a substitute dorm mother in Forrest Hall. They also both wrote for the Lycourier.

After they graduated from Lycoming in 1970, they went their separate ways. Lynn moved to Maryland to begin her career as a third grade teacher and a sales job took Gary to Illinois.

Twenty seven years later, Gary and Lynn had lost touch and Gary contacted the Lycoming College Alumni Office to get Lynn’s address. She had since moved on to a career in corporate business. Several months after they reconnected, Lynn had a business trip to Phoenix, Arizona, where Gary was working for Baxter International. The rest is history.

Lynn and Gary finally decided to get married in May of 2000, 30 years after they had graduated from Lycoming. Years later, they have started the Gary and Lynn (Salmons) Bower Endowed Scholarship and decided to name Lycoming as the beneficiary on their retirement accounts.

“Someone had faith in Gary and invested in his future, which made it possible for him to have the opportunity to experience Lycoming. We want to pay it forward and give others the opportunity to have the Lycoming experience we did.”

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