Meet Our Donors

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Students Can Count On Support From Math Major Alumni

Harriet (Hooven) ’69 and Mel Fleming ’68
Harriet (Hooven) ’69 and Mel Fleming ’68

Honoring the financial and intellectual support they received as Lycoming College students is important to Harriet (Hooven) ’69 and Mel Fleming ’68, who met as college students and married in 1968. That is why they have named Lycoming College as beneficiary of portions of their IRAs. Both majored in mathematics — a solid foundation that propelled them into successful careers. Mel pursued a 27-year career with the FBI that took him all over the country, while Harriet, who entered the workforce after raising their three children, quickly rose in the ranks at a local bank to become a branch manager. Read More

Early Mentors Plant Seeds for Success, Giving

David and Rita Detwiler

If you talk to David Detwiler ’75 today, you would never picture the shy, reserved young man who walked onto Lycoming’s campus as an incoming freshman. Coming from a family that had little money to spare, let alone for a medical education, David was decidedly grateful for every footstep he took. Read More

A life with Lycoming

Linda and Jim Scott

Linda Scott did not just graduate from Lycoming College, she was raised at Lycoming College. Her father was a part of the first four-year class to graduate in 1949. Dr. D. Frederick Wertz was her father’s boss beginning in 1957. Dr. Frances Knights Skeath and many other faculty members played bridge at her house. Her mother attended for a year and her brother and sister are alumni. Linda was surrounded by Lycoming. Read More

Lycoming has been instrumental in the lives of Lynn (Salmons) Bower ’70 and Gary Bower ’70.

Gary Bower ’70 and Lynn (Salmons) Bower ’70

Lynn chose Lycoming because she knew she wanted a small liberal arts college a few hours from home, but Gary did not plan on attending Lycoming College. His family did not have the financial resources to send him to Lycoming. However, Gary’s love of golf led him to connect with Frank Kamus, the director of admissions at the time, and an avid golfer. It was through Frank’s encouragement and support that Gary was able to get the resources he needed to attend Lycoming. Read More

Trusting a college education

Dr. Karen ’74 and Larry Brungardt

Dr. Karen (Knouse) Brungardt '74 is quick to acknowledge that Lycoming College provided her with a great education and a host of wonderful memories. Brungradt says she witnessed firsthand how important it was for students to have access to scholarships or student loans in order to attend college. "This, more than anything, prompted me to start donating money to Lycoming every year toward students’ needs and also in our trust, so that students can continue pursuing a college degree in the future." Read More

Accounting for future generations

Carol '76 and Jeff Billman '77

Carol (McDivitt) '76 and Jeff Billman '77 credit Lycoming College for giving them a solid foundation that offered them the opportunity to move forward in their careers and retire early. Read More

Planning for the Future

Dr. Kristie '96 and Peter '94 Ressler

Dr. Kristie (Margevich) '96 and Peter Ressler '94 understand the importance of future planning. The couple met on campus and credit Lycoming for giving them a solid foundation upon which to build their futures. Read More

Family First

Clay Fought

Family has always been the center of the lives of Dolores (Keller) '60 and Clay Fought. When Clay began creating his estate plans after Dolores passed away in 2005, his family came first. After making provisions for his sons and granddaughters, he chose Lycoming and Gettysburg colleges as the equal beneficiaries of his IRA. Read More

The Value of a Good Education

Charlotte's daughter, Carol Snook '75

Charlotte Snook knows firsthand the value of a good education. During WWII, she had an opportunity not often afforded to the women of those days — she attended college, Trenton State College. Charlotte's career choices at the time seemed limited; she became a teacher. In her 32 years as an educator impacting the lives of countless children, though, she never regretted the decision. Read More

Supporting Lycoming College's Music Legacy for the next 100 years!

Dick Robinson '51 and wife, Barbara

Music has always been an integral part of Lycoming College — even more so when it became a four-year institution in the late 1940s — and Charles 'Dick' Robinson '51 could certainly be considered one of the Lycoming music program's "charter members." Read More

A Family Helps Strengthen Lycoming's Future

Roger Kyte, and his son Morgan '00

Two young men waited in line outside the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. It was 1972, and both Roger Kyte and his friend, having recently completed military service in Vietnam, were on a 69-day tour of Europe. As the queue crept along, the men were approached by two young women — Lycoming students studying abroad during their May term. Angela (Vaira) '73 and Barbara (Edleman) Block '72 asked them if they had found the line for the Riding School. Roger, in his self-professed, smart-guy fashion, replied, "It better be because we have been waiting here for 45 minutes!" Read More

Gifts from Longtime Math Professor Add Up to Help for Deserving Students

Dr. Charles Getchell

Dr. Charles L. Getchell, attracted to Lycoming because it "fostered a love of learning through experience, intuition and analysis," joined the College's faculty in 1967 while earning his Ph. D. at Harvard.

Raised on a farm in northeast Massachusetts, he attributes his own love of learning to his humble beginnings and a grandmother who, in addition to raising Getchell, was a firm believer in the value of education. Read More

Giving Back: Funding a Scholarship through Charitable Gift Annuities

Jeanne (Odell) '45 Strayer
with her late husband, Frank

At a time when women were often relegated to secretarial roles in the workplace, Jeanne (Odell) Strayer '45 broke ground as a programmer and analyst in the then-new-and-exciting world of computers. Her achievements were possible, in part, because of her Lycoming College education- paid for through a one-year full scholarship- and because of her personal strength and courage to chart new territory. Her yearbook quote says it all: "To be strong is to be happy." Read More

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